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How to Make More Money As a Personal Trainer

Service and Your BusinessThe more service-minded you are as a fitness trainer, the more valuable you become.  To offer service from a genuine desire to serve is a rare and valuable thing, and it will bring you better paying clients and higher satisfaction. Anybody can offer service in exchange for money, and once you start seeing your clients as money, your value as a professional plummets. This is why there are so many dime-a-dozen trainers offering their services for peanuts.Here are 3 tips to separate yourself from the peanut gallery and increase your value as a fitness professional.

1- Pretend like there is no money involved

Once money becomes an object of a transaction, the goal of service is distorted. The bottom line of any profession is service, so your focus must shift to one of a service professional. This doesn’t mean that you have to offer mints after a session, but it does mean that you will look to add value to your client’s experience whichever way you can.A real profession is one that you would be doing even if you didn’t get paid, right?  So, act as though your profession is completely voluntary. Once you do, the service becomes about your client, rather than yourself.  When this shift occurs, your services become infinitely more valuable. You become more attentive. You become more genuine. People pay for the experience, so when your focus becomes solely on providing for them, their experience becomes better. Better experiences translates to better pay, which, as a service professional, you won’t be afraid to charge for.

2-  Charge Fearlessly.

If people can happily spend thousands of dollars on worthless fashion, they will never hesitate to shell out the big bucks for things of actual value. Your time and talent as a service professional in fitness training is a thing of great value, so when people see a price tag that is incongruous, they question your service. To have the label “cheap” attached to your service is never a good thing, so, when you market yourself, market the truth. Valuable experience.If people ask, ” What can he or she offer that justifies that price?”, then, they will find out!  If you have the self belief, someone will be attracted and purchase your services.  If you deliver the goods, world will spread, and no one will hesitate to pay you twice or three times as much as you had been meekly accepting beforehand.  The more confident you are in your service, the more confident you will be in your pricing; customers know this, and choose their trainer accordingly.  Get confident, and get paid.

3-  Take notes

For every day that you train, and every client, keep your notebook jam-packed.  This serves two functions-It will keep you attuned to their progress and areas that need improving ( service bonus).  With the insights of your observations and the additional focus outside of the gym, you will be able to offer more meaningful instruction, and your clients will notice.Keeping notes will also aid in your organizational skills.  The more organized you become in your business, the more efficient, the more profitable and the more useful you become to your clients.When you realize that your time spent with clients outside of the gym is increasing your services, even if only on paper, you become more confident.  As discussed, increased confidence leads to better satisfaction and better pay.

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