Building and Establishing in Hospital #10

Posted: July 2, 2011 in Health and wellness
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In Indonesia, Government hospital and Private hospital could be competed each other, including income, human resources (qualified doctor, paramedic), hospital equipments, etc.

Each hospital can obtain some income from “jamkesmas”, “jamkesda”, “askes” (some patient insurance even for poor people), and also from ‘out of pocket’ for ‘rich people’. Human resources (doctors and other medicals) still often be wanted for both of hospitals in district area because of lacking of human resources. Little bit difficult for doctor distribution because some doctors want to work in city. That’s why, each hospital would be competed to look for some doctors in same area. In fact, it could be joint venture (MoU) to Health Minister, Health District, or some Universities which have Faculty of Medicine to fulfill in doctors specially in Specialist Doctors. Hospital equipment could be supplied in hospital for supporting services. It could be bought directly for hospital investment or done by joint venture with some suppliers. A lot of joint venture method to obtain equipment depending on agreement. So, do the best for your hospital services. It has a lot of tips and tricks. Just do it!



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