Building and Establishing in Hospital IX

Posted: May 22, 2011 in Health and wellness
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A hospital has to be classified after finishing an operational license. There’re 4 classes which are class A, B, C, D. Each class has to have basic medical services, dental medical services, family planning services, and 24 hours service for emergency. For Class A, B, and C must have 4 basic specialists (internist, pediatrician, surgeon, and obstetric gynecology). On the other hand, Class D has to have 2 basic specialists for minimal. There are also 5 specialists for medical support. Class D must have 2 of them which are radiology and clinical pathology. Class C must have 2 and plus anesthesiology. Class B must have 3 above and plus medical rehabilitation.  And class A must have 4 above and plus anatomy pathology.

How many beds must they have???? For class D has ≥50 beds, C has ≥100 beds, B has ≥200 beds, and A has ≥400 beds.

That’s only the main compulsory. Actually, there’re still a lot of requirements.

Good luck.



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