Martial Arts Developed VI

Posted: June 14, 2010 in Hobbies
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Qualified people is needed to grow the martial arts school. How can be a qualified people? Now, there’re a lot of training with certificate to improve coach, atlet, referee, and also club or gym manager.
Every martial arts style has own training system. It sometimes has a special training for martial arts as a general which is created by Indonesia National Sport Committee (KONI). Therefore, depending on you to improve yourself, you can join any training as your style. Training has level from basic, intermediate, and expert, and also depending on region, such as regional, national, or international level.
If you a instructor, you have to up date your knowledge and experience to teach students because knowledge is always changed and developed.
It can be learnt by reading books, internet, etc, and by observing / watching other experience.
So, hurry up improving your school.

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