Building and Establishing in Hospital IV

Posted: March 18, 2010 in Health and wellness
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Human resources should be considered to establish the hospital, especially in medical doctor staff.
You should ask the doctor about a letter of medical registered or medical practice (or we call STR / SIP) for general practice and specialized doctor. In Indonesia, the maximum of doctor practice is three. In addition, Midwives and Nurses also have to have the letter.
Cost analysis should be prepared. It is like tariff scheme which is written by owner with considering people surrounding. Medical equipment can be prepared depending on the type of hospital. On the other hand, the owner has to write the letter of joining to PERSI (Indonesia Hospital Association) and letter of ready to be accredited.
The temporary permitted will be given if all docs have already had been prepared, and it will be continued to operational permitted.
Have you already had them? Here we go…..
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