Martial Arts Developed IV

Posted: February 15, 2010 in Hobbies
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In previous session had been mentioned about P (Product) that the program or curriculum is one of them.
Speed can be taught by running, jumping, with one leg or two legs. It is also can be trained by using a stair. Speed kick is also can used, such as 1 minute for 60 kicking. Flexibility is very important to support in martial arts. When you are kicking or boxing without a flexibility, it’d be a weak power. Power can also be trained by using Fitness equipment depening on repetition.
Endurance is needed in martial arts or other sports because when they compete in arena competition for 3 minutes (depending on kind of own martial arts), they need an endurance. All techniques will be used in arena competition. So, which “Product” is more important?
All of them are important.
What ‘P’ the next?
C U Soon.

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