Martial Arts Developed II

Posted: October 22, 2009 in Hobbies
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The former article had been
explained for the early preparing to open martial arts school by having some
co-instructors. Furthermore, the legal of martial arts school should also be
considered. There are some various methods to open a martial art school depending
on place, city, or country. For instance, in Riau (it might be the same as some
provinces in Indonesia), it must be registered to a Martial Art Committee in
own city. After that, it will obtain a certification or letter from The Martial
Arts Committee with number of letter (Surat Keputusan). The minimum of Head
Instructor is having a Black Belt Certificate. While preparing it, the Owner of
Martial Arts School should consider the 5 P. What are they?

The first thing is Place. Is your
martial arts school located a strategic place (accessible from all people,
comfortable, etc)? The next ‘P’ is Promotion. When you have obtained the place,
it has to be promoted to all people about your school. Some people will not
know it if they have never seen or heard about the martial arts school. The
principal is simple, understandable, and real information by having Brochure,
Flyer, or Website on Internet. In addition, a good quality in your school can
also be a promotion because some students or student families will tell to some
friends about the quality of the school. The quality will be discussed in the
next ‘P’ (Product).

The three
others are Price, Product, and People. Three of them will be discussed in next
session. Do you want to know them?

To be



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