Building & Establishing in Hospital

Posted: September 30, 2009 in Health and wellness
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Building & Establishing in Hospital

Do you want to build and establish in hospital in Indonesia, especially in Riau Province?
(I think it has similar to establish it in Indonesia). If you have a
plenty of money and like the hospital business, you might want it.

If you want it, you should have a lot of preparing to do this
because the hospital business is not a little business or industry. It is one of
big industries because it is multi dimensions.

First of all, a cash flow to operate it is the most important thing before
doing the others. Why is it too important? What is a cash flow?

Cash flow is an about invest, income, and spending on money. It
means that where you obtain money (yourself, bank, loan, or etc), and where you
pay it (building, medical and non-medical equipment, staff wages, licences,
administration, and etc) to build and establish it. It might be counted for 5
or 10 years in the future. Furthermore, it can be known for how long it will be
BEP (Break Event Point). According to some references, average to hospital
business can be BEP about 5 to 10 years, depending on the early investment.

The reason of the important is you will know the strengths of your
abilities (physical, human resources, material, machine, money, method, and
market) whether you can do this and get surplus or not within 5 to 10 years.

Have you done it? Be careful, it will be difficult or might be
dangerous when there are some problems in the middle of time.

When it has finished, all documents to obtain the hospital licence
have to be prepared. What documents should be prepared to do next action? Do
you want to know it?

Yes, I will give you some information in the next session at this
blog. Just for you!

… To be continued …



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