Martial Arts Developed

Posted: August 26, 2009 in Hobbies
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Martial arts schools have to be developed to become a big and big school. How to develop it? Before this writing, we have discussed to choose to open a new martial art school, or to join with other instructors or to open a franchise.
The important thing is “Developed”. When you open martial arts school for the first time, you should think about your assistance or partner, because when you had a problem such as ‘sick’ or something else, your assistance or partner can take over you so it always has a training. So, how can you obtain them?
It’s not easy but it’s not difficult. You can ask your partner (some friends who had ever become a instructor) to join opening martial arts school. But when you don’t have it, you have to plan your students to become assistance by special training. They learn how to become instructor or leader. For instance, learning on school management, student motivation, administration, time management (training schedule), discipline, training program, communication, etc, are some program which have to be learned by assistance. The other thing is a delegation. When you delegate some assistance, give them full responsibility by your supervision. Don’t make them confused between a delegation and a supervision.
Have you done this before you develop martial arts school?
Try this first, and wait for the next discussion to develop it.
To be continued ……….

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