Hospital Planning

Posted: July 16, 2009 in Health and wellness
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Hospital Planning is one of the important thing in the hospital management.
Before it is in progress, it should be planned in better way especially in Government Public Hospital because it must be related to the government (a Major or Governor). Firstly, it should be met among all divisions within the hospital what they needed because all needed can not be arranged by one division. Therefore, a meeting is better way for the first time. Secondly, they should be arranged per groups and per year to make easy a strategic planning in the future. The hospital can be planned per year which the urgent or non urgent needed. After that, all needed should be written on including in the cost of activities itself, so it will be known the total on activities per year. All activities in writing will be proposed to government (bureau of Regional Planning and Development), and it will be discussed by them. The bureau will contact the Division on Hospital Planner whether their needed can be fulled directly or not. If there is a correction, it will be revised to be the right thing. Therefore, Hospital Planning is very important thing to think the hospital needed in the future.
In addition, communication is better way to develop the hospital planning because working together is better than alone.
A strategic planning can be written in 5 years, it’s like a development planning in the middle time. So, what is the contents on a strategic planning? There is Input, Process, Output, and Outcome.
First, you should tell what the planning for. For instance, It should be looked at the hospital situation. Secondly, it should be had a vision and mission to explain the vision. What is your aim and objectives? Then, the strategic to achieve the aim and objectives. For example, it can be done by SWOT analysis. So, it’s little bit easy to make Policies and Programs with detail on your activities to achieve the programs. Some targets and indicators should also be had with logical framework. Therefore, the hospital planning can be written on every year.
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