Martial Arts

Posted: June 22, 2008 in Hobbies
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Do you know martial arts? and Do you like martial arts training?
Yes, You do.
When you want to start training martial art, you should make a choice which one is better for you.
Martial arts can be chosen depending on your needed. They can be sport, competition, health body, arts, or self-defence.
If you like a sport and competition, you might choose Taekwondo, Karate, or KickBoxing.
If you like health body or arts, TaeBo, Taichi, or Silat can be chosen.
Last, if you choose for self-defence, Aikido or Mix Martial Art is better.
So, what do you want or what is your objective?
Your decision is belong to your hand.
All martial arts have more and less benefit. No martial art is perfect, like human, no body’s perfect.

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