Posted: September 2, 2005 in Calender
This month is the full activities such as moving house so the address should be changed @ bank etc….
  1. Kees says:

    Hi there!Suddenly I was on the SPACE of someone in Indonesia!!!It\’s a very small world on the computer!Your Space is very nice, I like it very much!!Please have a look at my Space as well: I am trying to collect messages from all over the world, I would like it very much if you leave a message in my Guestbook.Please write it at least partially in your own languageand please mention also the country you are from!!Thanx very much in advance!Regards and all the best to you!Kees(from The Netherlands)

  2. OsKaRs says:

    hello…how are you..=) good i hopeMy name is Simon and i live in Australia….would love for you to join my spaces registry if you would like….if not stop by my space when you get some time and say hello…….oh i used to work in a balinese resturant…….ok thats it…=)…sampai jumpa!

  3. OsKaRs says:

    do you know of any sites that have live streaming TV in Indonesia?

  4. OsKaRs says:

    thanks heaps for doing the search for me…that was very nice of you..and also helps surport my space thanks…..the balinese resturant i worked in was in Melbourne i have never actually been to indonesia…but i used to date a girl from bali…so know a bit about life over there…=)

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