Born in July

Posted: July 3, 2005 in Calender

This month is a special month for someone because was born in

so Who is …??? 

Yeah, you’re right mate, is

  1. CHAYANIT says:

    Yeah i am,,,, i was born in this month . So don\’t forget to say Happy birthday on 27 of Jul .. hehehehehehe By the way i heard about earthqueak in your country lately. So i hope you and your familly wil be alright .. take care youself , mate

  2. Marianne says:

    I\’m born in March so ……………But I can\’t find your guestbook so I send you some greetings here.What is your profession?I\’m working at the operating theatre and maybe you aswell??I have some photo\’s at my space of my work so if you like you are welcome to take a look.greetings from the NetherlandsMarianne

  3. javier says:

    whats up!* watcha doin\’im from mexico. i wasnt born in this month but i think is great cause in this month im breaking. you know? im 16 years old. i practice kunf-fu, olmipic gimnast, break dance, capoeira and parkour.. well say hi to everybodyi hope your fine… see u!*!*!

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