Posted: June 3, 2005 in Calender

People who was born in June have star Gemini or Cancer.

Gemini ppleoe stmimoee cnat mkae dscioien for tehmslef. hrvwoee, Cancer ppleoe is lkie lyoal to tiehr cpluoe hehehehe, Its jsut pdreiciton

  1. Unknown says:

    Yeah it is only a prediction, we still don\’t know the truth, right mate?!? Because the truth is out there (X-files)…and win we must…(Lord Yoda from Star Wars)…. not forget to mention \’fight for your family not only for your country\’ (Prince Hector from Troy)….huahahahahahhhaha. I wanna add a little bit for gemini, he or she has great sex appeal…hihihihihi. Is it true? Nobody know, because….THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE…..

  2. CHAYANIT says:

    Hey i was born in July.. So pls pls pls predic me .. Just come to visit this blog again..

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