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Posted: May 25, 2005 in Counter
You are number……..

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  1. nadia says:

    I\’m lucky number 6 !!hehehe.. great , Mas! 🙂 Ngomong2 , mas , ajak dong orang indo laen bikin space. saya ajah ngajakin AA.. teteh..ibu..bapa..hehehe (kayak iklan kijang). Saya sekarang di singapore, tempo hari baru balik saja dari China, mengunjungi kakakku.Tinggal dimana sekarang ey? di riau? Salam deh..keep in touch! :)nadia

  2. Unknown says:

    Oooii…beruk…Only 29 persons visited yea\’r site huh…. That\’s lookin good ay pren… Just don\’t forget..let me be the 30th… Yeah long life myself…hahahahahaha… Ya\’ll cum bak laeder…. Piss…

  3. CHAYANIT says:

    Hi Mish , long time no hear from u .. My number \’s 62 . that\’s ok .. It\’s mean u look so popular coz so many people have visited ur blog.. eieieieiei popular guy.. i\’m gonna go to Sydney next month.. i dunno what will happen with me in the future. but now i don\’t affraid ofanything coz i \’m gonna go there with my love .So i think he will able to protect me from any fear.. just hope that.

  4. Paul says:

    348? You\’re lying…

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