Interesting in Indonesia

Posted: April 14, 2005 in Travel

Here is pictures of place of interesting in Indonesia

You can visit Indonesia wherever you like from Sumatera island to Irian Jaya island

Sumatera island:

Baiturrahman Mosque (Aceh province)


Toba Lake (North Sumatera province)


Siak River Bridge (Riau province)


Rumah Gadang (West Sumatera province)


Kerinci Lake (Jambi province)


Ampera Bridge (South Sumatera province)


Bangkai Flower (Bengkulu province)


Krakatau Island (Lampung Province)


TO BE CONTINUED……….. for other islands

  1. nadia says:

    nice, mas! 🙂 promosi negara kita…biar turis2 tertarik..good job 🙂 i\’m surprised to find other indonesian space at msn space 🙂

  2. Cruzer says:

    Hello Mishba, how have you been doing? I really like yournew inproved site !!! I will off line for awhile, but youcan still reach me at Later, Tom C. USAPS: notice what I said about the site I told you about ? Thanks to a16 yr. old kid from NZ >>>>

  3. Alan says:

    Hi Mishba, You have a beautiful country. Love your site. Take care buddy,Alan

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