Posted: March 19, 2005 in Computers and Internet

It is his temporary website, so if you have any queries, don’t hesitate to give him a comment,

You’re all welcome to be his friends 


  1. Cruzer says:

    Hello Mishbahuddin, nice site you have !!! It is mind boggling to realise how far we live fromeach other. I have a 4ft. map on the wall beside mycomputer and see exactly where you live.I have often wondered what it would be like to livein another country?I sure hope you don\’t hate us like a lot of other countries,but believe it or not all we want is for everyone to befree and be able to live their life without fear.Write me a line back if you get a chance. I would liketo know more about your country and what it\’s like tolive there. Take Care, Tom Cruise USA

  2. Mishbahuddin says:

    Hi TomCruzWS1,Thanks for your comment for this site,I tried to look for your website but I didn\’t find it because I wanted to see it,I hope you read this comment, sorry I put it in my site, So, if you read this, please let me know your site as wellKeep in touch,

  3. Cruzer says:

    Hello Mish, sorry you could not find my site.Try this and let me know if you had sucess ? you can leave your message on any of mycomment blogs. Take Care, Tom Cruise USA

  4. CHAYANIT says:

    Hello Mish,, u have had such a nice blog.. i really love ur blog.. coz it\’s green colour. i love green.. ^_^ i have few friends from indonisia.. when i was studying in Sydney.. All of them are very nice person.. So i think ur culture and mine are very close.. Oopp!!! Don\’t forget to tell u that i \’m from Thailand..and my name\’s Koi!! one more thing.. i think indonisian food \’s similar with Thai food coz both of them are hot and spicy.. and i also u try having Thai food .. anyway pls come to visit my space too.. i\’m looking forward to hearing from u ^ ^

  5. CHAYANIT says:

    Hi Mish,, thanks for visiting my space .. ^__^ and thanks for add my space for link.. ^__^ .. i\’m really happy that u \’ve tried having Thai food and u knew "Tom Yum" eiei < Your spelling \’s almost correct> Tom Yum \’s spicy soup.. it\’s very famous food… and many foriegners love it. So do I.. I heard "earthquake news in ur country last night .. Sorry to hear that.. and it happend in ur home town , right?? i\’m not sure about that.. So i hope u will be alright.. Cya

  6. CHAYANIT says:

    Hi Mish Happy to hear u and ur family are alright.. i heard that diater was happened on KOR KOS Island ( dunno spelling^ ^) This is my msn messenger—>> .. pls add me .. thanks.. See ya on msn ,, i hope ^_^ take care

  7. Alan says:

    Hi Mish,Great site, thanks for your nice comments. South Carolina is very nice, its just below us on a map. Keep in touch.Alan

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